The Great Escape

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There is something special about the noise of the ocean... When I first arrived to what was then a building site, I was immediately drawn to the large glass sliding wall to the terrace which over looks the coast lines of Donegal. From the moment you hear the composition of the waves crashing against the rocks, you get such an over whelming feeling of strength and escape.

The Great Escape - Ulster Tatler Article

The penthouse, built by PRH Construction is beautifully situated on the edge of Portstewart allowing the most fantastic panoramic views of the North Coast. From getting to know the clients I understood this special place was to be an escape, a place to come and be... when you walk through the door the hectic lifestyle is left behind and a new one begins... this place was a coastal getaway with a cutting edge interior lifestyle reflecting a tranquil sense of luxury.

Dining AreaWe are so often boxed in with traditional architectural layouts rather than an open plan lifestyle that so many of us desire so from the outset I wanted to maximise the idea of light and space, and space was crucial to the success of the project so 2&3D CAD floor plans were designed with an extremely careful selection process to ensure the panoramic views were visible at all times. To enhance the artistic feel I placed 2 Fendi rotational Eos chairs which exude practicality functionality with a touch of glamour, a work of art. To compliment the stylish Fendi occasional pieces I incorporated a corner composition which is aesthetically pleasing due to the back cushions being lowered and full of comfort when raised for that cosy night in.

Under foot, a bespoke colour matched 3D rug gives the penthouse that extra edge in a variety of silk and wool textures.

When considering the dining table, I married the function of intimate dining and entertainment varying from a 4 seater breakfast table (triangular shape) in the kitchen, by Woodland Kitchens, to an extended tear drop form seating 6-8 seater.

This ensures that the space is practical and beautiful all at the same time. The entrance hall reflects the ultimate in boutique styling with a marble and inox Steel console and feature wall coverings by Ulf Moritz. Look closely at the wall covering... it's geometric, but then pearlised and beaded with crystals.This makes a real statement within the entrance hall and perfectly places the curved wall leading you dramatically to the bedrooms of the penthouse.

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The bedrooms have two very different approaches. The guest room feels like it's by the sea and brings an ocean flavour throughout the penthouse. It is dressed with an aqua colour pallet with feature sheers by Elitis of Paris and recessed Roman blinds in a luxury woven Rubelli fabric. The accent colour continues with a Rubelli & Designers Guild bed throw. An exclusive Leolux arm chair dresses the space continuing to give the penthouse that cutting contemporary edge.

The master bedroom was a real opportunity to fulfil my clients' desires, they didn't want this escape to be seasonal. When it is 3 degrees outside and the waves are crashing over the walls in December this penthouse becomes an intimate environment with lighting design adding to layered sheers, fabrics and a rich boutique master suite. I feel that everything about this space is intimate. I used an Omexico fabricated wall covering for both the feature wall and remaining walls. The material immediately gives the room warmth and depth enhancing the metallic pearlised cream leather head board and antiqued regency silver leaf bed sides, one of the many reasons I love this room.

The bed is dressed with my new bed linen collection, 600 threads of Egyptian cotton including an in house luxury throw in mohair with leading edge in King Rabbit. This room connects with you when you enter it. The fabrics cry out with inclusive decor . A double cocoa curtain pole allows layers on the window. Ardecorra silk with embroidery stripes in cafe and bronze is blissful to look at and wonderfully complimented with the new Armani sheer. This is a real success story, they have managed to create a travera man-made material seem like silk! This is usually only found in hotels and other corporate environments, the weight and movement of this material is something else!

Ulster Tatler Article

This project was a great success with the clients arriving home from honeymoon to discover their weekend retreat was everything they could have dreamed of and more....it is lovely to know that the clients really struggle to leave this lifestyle environment and knowing how much they love the concept and design makes this very personal project worthwhile. The clients have been a complete privilege to work with and as far as the design brief went, we have hit the nail on the head!

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